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Ascension Ascension

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Oh, my gog. I'm about to geek out over this. I never give things 10s, but I like this. A lot.
This is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to make following the EOA. I tried making fanart of all the kids in God Tier, and hated how it was coming along, so I scrapped it. You, however, have done an excellent job with it! This is lovely. My favorite aspect is how the symbols for Light and Time are appearing on Rose and Dave's chests, and how their new clothes are enveloping the Derse dream self clothing. Very cool effects. The level of detail is impressive, as well, one detail that stood out to me being that Jade's knee creates a bulge in the dress, which I quite like considering you could easily bullshit that away in a flowing dress like that.
There is one little flaw that occurred to me in this piece, and that's the lighting. Your ability to lay out shades is good, but where the light source is here is kind of confusing me. The most obvious idea would be that it's the green sun (which, ideally, would probably be casting a green glow on all the kids), but there seems to be light hitting them from a variety of different directions (underneath Jade's feet, in front of Dave's hands, underneath Rose, etc). This is a really minor issue considering it only really occurred to me upon close inspection and the piece isn't really meant to depict a believable setting. Otherwise, this is great. I love it. Good fanart. Keep it up!

Brakkenimation responds:

Hey, thanks so much for your review!

RE: The lighting - Yeah, it's a little all over the place, haha. At first I tried to have it coming from the Green Sun, but the green tint gave the characters a sickly look and Jade's face was all in shadow. I changed it to be almost like Jade is giving off the light herself, or the planets she's floating. I created each character separately and then merged them, though, so it's not very accurate :P
Drawing this was a good learning curve for me, and I'll make sure to keep lighting in mind with future work. Thanks!

Glad you like it!

Ohai thar Ohai thar

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This is really cute. I like it.

I have a few comments to make, though.
It's great that you're using lots of lighting and shading in your drawings, and I really like the way you color, but the way you use them doesn't make very much sense. For instance- she's got sparkles in her eyes (reflections of light) under a shadow, where not much light should be reaching. If the light source isn't hitting that part of her face, light shouldn't be reflected like it is, so those reflections really need to be on the lower part of her eyes.
Continuing on that, there's shade on both sides of her head, which doesn't make much sense with any form of light source- it couldn't even be a light source overhead or to the front, because she's got shadows on top of her head and in the fronts of some areas of hair.

I'm sorry to point out negatives and such, but you need to work on your lighting- you've got using it down, but you need to study some real things and how light hits them (there are guides all over the internet if you look) and apply that to your works.
Otherwise, you've got a very cute, pleasant style that I quite like.
Hope this helps somehow.

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Chibi Nyariko Chibi Nyariko

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad.

Don't pay attention what the commenter below me says. You can draw whatever you damn well want to draw.
I personally am not much a fan of the anime art style, but I can respect it when it's well done (and this is pretty well done.) Anyways, onto an actual review.

This is a cute little drawing, though the pose of the girl makes me feel kind of mixed towards that thought. Your anatomy is pretty good; I'm especially fond of how you did her feet, considering that feet can be a bit of a bitch to draw. You've got an excellent sense of detail going here, from the folds in the clothing to the hair to the general shading. Your lighting is pretty well done, but it also doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The body and the clothing keep a consistent light source (from the left), but her hair and eyes have highlights that indicate a light source from the right as well, which kind of conflicts. On the end of her hair, there's even a highlight that would indicate a light source on her lower back. While that issue isn't exactly a glaring problem, consistency is something you may want to pay more attention to in the future.
I'd also like to point out that certain elements of the background don't look so good. The shadow that's underneath her is somewhat strange looking- pay attention to real life shadows cast by people and objects and you'll probably notice that they're usually one solid shade of grey, with no textures. The bubbles that occupy the background are also kind of corny looking, though that's more a matter of personal preference than anything.
Overall, I'd say it's a very solid drawing. Good coloring, good lineart, mostly good lighting and shading. I hope the constructive criticisms I gave can help in some way.

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draneas responds:

Thank you very much! I really didn't expect a detailed critique here. ^^
You're absolutely right about the feet, they can be a bitch! But like I pointed out in my comment, the whole pose isn't really self-drawn. I just have a basic understanding of anatomy but if it comes to poses where you have to think about 3-dimensional stuff I really suck. I read somewhere that copying can be the key for some people to understand poses and angles, so I'll bear with myself for a bit longer copying stuff.
For the background and shadow: yes both is lame. I first thought about doing no shadow at all, but the pic would have been so empty, so I tested some brushes and doodled a really crappy shadow. xD In the future I'll stick with non-textured dark greys and I'll look up pictures with shadows on it or take some photos outside.
So, thanks again!

all of the trolls all of the trolls

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hard to critique, but I'll try anyways!

I really quite like this piece. My favorites of the characters here (trolls? They don't look it...) are the red-eyed girl in the top row and the blue-hatted girl to the right in the second row.
First thing I notice about this is that I wish the characters were more coherently compiled- a pattern or some kind of balance would make the whole group look better as a whole (though I can see what looks like some purposeful placement).
I like your choices for background colors, but when you have separated pieces of a whole like this, you usually want to keep them looking separated with different colors- the two guys in the middle in the bottom two rows have backgrounds that are a little too similar in shade, which looks a little odd.
My last little complaint is an anatomical one- a few of these characters' (really, the four in the lower right corner) heads look a little too small in comparison with the length of their necks. While that looks like it could be more of a stylistic choice than anything, I still feel like I should point out that it makes the characters look a little babyish, in a strange way.
Oh, and my last-last complaint is tiny: It seems to me that the girl to the left in the second row should have a glare on her glasses.
Most of these issues are pretty minor. For the most part, I love this. I like the character designs, especially those two I mentioned before. I really like the style, with the slightly grainy (yet pleasant) quality and the neat cel-shading you've got going on. It seems to be a variation on anime, but you've made it your own. Even though the noses are a little odd-looking, I quite like them, as they add an extra element of cute to the characters. I quite like your sense of colors, as well.
Anyways, I hope you don't mind my leaving you a sizable wall of text. Good work with this.

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bardofrage responds:

yes, they're trolls.
and thank you, especially for going into detail about what you think of certain parts of the picture ! i'll keep that in mind next time i do another like this.

Best Way to Travel Best Way to Travel

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Here come some negative comments- I hope you don't mind.
I hate to tell you this, but, like binkyboy said, this style isn't "completely original". That's fine, though, and so long as you're trying, your style will become more of your own, and will develop. There isn't any such thing as an "original" style; I've been trying for years to make my style distinct, and it still gets compared to Tim Burton, for instance. The style of this piece in particular reminds me a little bit of the anime Lucky * Star.
I have some little critiques to drop on it. The first thing that popped out to me was the strange look of the feet, especially those of the girl, which have a potato-like shape. The hands are somewhat odd in appearance as well. The girl's breasts are lumpy looking and a little uneven, and a valuable lesson you should learn should you be drawing well-endowed women is that breasts will never look good unless they're smooth, round, and symmetric (that applies to all sizes, but the larger the breasts, the more they're noticeable). The legs just have a strange thickness to them and look blocky. For the characters in general, I'd suggest you study and practice with anatomy. Even in cartoon styles, anatomy is a very valuable concept to understand, and you could benefit greatly from working with it.
The next thing that pops out about the piece is the strange appearance of the portal thingy behind the characters. It looks like you took some doodled lines and filtered raped them, and that causes it to look out-of-sync and ill-fitted with the rest of the style. An effect should be consistent with the rest of the piece, and here I think it would have been a good idea had you drawn an equally cartoony-looking wormhole behind the characters. Photoshop effects generally do not look good unless in the hands of an expert.
While the main subjects of the piece are quite flawed, I have to admit that I like what's going on around them. The perspective is a little wonky, sure, but I like colors and aesthetic of the background- some people don't pull off simplistic backgrounds well (myself included), but I think you've done a decent job with that here.
I hope some of this stuff helps. Keep practicing and you'll improve, and maybe you'll develop a more personalized and original style along the way. The best way to go about that is to stop trying to draw a specific way and draw in the manner that feels the most natural to you. Good luck and keep working at it!

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AnDrew19787 responds:

I think this is funny. You are telling me this can't possibly be a "completely original" style, correct me on anatomy issues even though most American cartoons are far from being anatomically correct, tell me that the focus of the picture (the portal) is "out-of-sync and ill-fitted" with the rest of this not-completely-original style, then tell me I should draw something that feels most natural to me.

First off, I consider chibi to be part of anime. So in other words it also resembles chibis but not quite.

Of course there is no "completely original" style these days. Every person's style is somehow influenced by others'. However, my style is a combination of chibi and cartoon. That includes backgrounds, concepts, anatomy, and what ever else anyone may criticize. This style was MEANT for me to draw what feels natural to me. Of course it's going to look a little wonky, I'm working on that. Anything else that looks strange like the portal is because this was the cartoony part of the style. That's the "completely" part. Cartoons themselves are supposed to be very flexible in these regards, but I understand that they still have some limits.
Also, my style was influenced a bit by Scott Pilgrim. I recently saw an illustration made by the creator depicting Ramona having round boobs similar to those of the girl in my picture (plus she looked a bit chibi-like as well).

And well, this was all done in Flash. I took careful consideration with the glowy effects, the bg colours, and perspective.

But thanks for your thoughts, I'll try to work harder on making my drawings look better than ever. This started out as a doodle so you can imagine what I can accomplish if I work harder!

Friday Flood #5 Friday Flood #5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

God, Turkey...

I don't even know what to say. It's pretty obvious that you're one of the best artists in the forum. I don't really know how to critique your pieces, because I can't find much wrong with them.
Most obviously, it's really well painted and has great details and lighting. Great choice in color scheme, though I suppose that and a red version of that are the only really appropriate color schemes to fit your subject.
Only real problem I can see it is that the location of his body and legs is pretty hard to make out.
Wonderful work, man. Keep it up.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Nah, you know how to crit.

Imo, the cold, icy blue seems more apt than a raging red.
Yeah the body's screwy cos the bike design's screwy. I just had to work with it in the end.

Cheers for the the review, Lux.

The Rabbit and the Heart The Rabbit and the Heart

Rated 4 / 5 stars


It's not a bad piece. It's fairly simple, and still a little interesting. Pixel art can be pretty tough, so I won't be too harsh on it.
Firstly, I'm glad you made an effort to shade it, instead of leaving it in simple blocky colors as many would do. I also like the way the rabbit looks, too, strange as it is.
It has some noteworthy flaws, though. Shading has to be consistent with a light source, and in this case would usually be located on the underside of the rabbit, because the sun would be shining on the back of the rabbit. For some odd reason, however, most of the shading is on the rabbit's back, instead. You may want to do some work practicing with shades, best done with a pencil to get the concepts developed mentally. The heart looks somewhat lopsided, as well, and I feel you could have done a better job integrating the flood icon into the image, perhaps by moving it up and drawing a heart around it instead of above it. Yes, I know that it's considered okay to dump it in the corner, but in a smaller piece like this, it takes up a considerably larger portion of the image and is much more noticeable.
Keep practicing and you'll get better with pixel art. It would be great if you could find a way to show the forum some non-mouse-drawn work, as well. Hope this helps in some way.

EventHorizon responds:

Thank you for your vote, I appreciate your review, I'm not a real artist and to be able to draw my piece took me so long, honestly shadows I've done a bit haphazardly trying to be the rabbit more nice and you're right about the heart.
however, this took me to draw all my efforts, thanks for your review!

Momma was an Opium Smoker Momma was an Opium Smoker

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Where do I even BEGIN on this piece?
This is some crazy shit, man, and I mean that in a good way.
First, the bad. I feel like the woman smoking the hookah would look a lot better if there was some kind of base beneath her, and I feel that that abrupt ending to that black block to her right looks odd, so I personally think a kind of transition between the two parts could make the piece look more coherent. The tree's branches don't entirely look like, well, tree branches, mostly because most of them are too thick. The woman's legs just look weird as all hell. Many would consider there to be too much negative space in the piece.
The piece is so wonderfully strange, though. The rabbits look utterly fantastic. They're really well painted and stylized, with excellent shading, and they have such an intriguingly creepy look to them. The balance between black and white in the piece is great, and the whole idea and aesthetic you've created is pretty awesome. I like your attention to detail; the chair actually has a wood texture to it and there are patterns on the hookah.
Great work, man. Love it. Keep it up.

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Bunny!! Bunny!!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A very simple little thing.

Hey! You stole my idea!
This is an extremely simple piece, but I'll go ahead and give a lengthy review anyways, because that's how I roll. It's extraordinarily smooth and clean, which are both wonderful traits for a piece of art to have.
I notice that it has some balance issues, and the rabbit isn't entirely even. The rightmost cheek spot runs into the mouth, for instance, and the rightmost arm is lower than the left one. These aren't big issues at all, and I only noticed them upon close inspection, so don't sweat them. The shading is also a bit spotty, as well, because the light source isn't entirely consistent. The shading on the head would suggest that the lighting comes from the upper right, but the rightmost arm would suggest that the shading comes from straight above. Not a huge problem, again, but still a problem nonetheless.
I love it when work is really clean, and, besides a few little inconsistencies, this is a good little piece.

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Bunbun Bunbun

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The great original.

For the record, this made about the best icon for any of the floods thus far. Of course, your work is always fantastic, Qb. I love the color scheme and the feeling of motion. The grass looks wonderful, and I especially love the blurred blades placed in front of the rabbit. You did a great job with the fur texture, though it all seems a little too smooth. A few tufts sticking out here or there would have really sealed in the whole furry look. The largest problem I notice with this is somewhat irritating, and that's the perspective on the ears. They don't seem to be evenly placed. Whereas the head is obviously facing dead forwards, the ears seem to be pointing to the right, and so just look funky in conjunction with the rest of the head.

Good work, man. Love your stuff, and I think it's awesome of you to lead the flood this month.

J-qb responds:

Thanks, to be fair though, its a less iconic than the other flood thumbnails were. The fur is too smooth, it didnt matter in the small version and I didnt want to put too much effort into redrawing the big one ;).